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John Mychell

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The churches of Ogbourne St Andrew and St George were passed to the Abbey of Bec in the middle 12th C by Maud of Wallingford, but with the suppression of the Alien Monastries they passed to St Georges Chapel, Windsor in 1421 during the reign of Henry V (1413 – 1422).  Thus the Dean and Canons controlled St Andrew (and St George) and from at least 1461 they leased out the two chancels (the first archived lease) obtaining an income but placing the upkeep in the hands of the lessees.  

The first recorded lessee, in 1461, was a John Mychell of Marleborogh (sic), “marchaunt” who, in 1465  appealed in Chancery for a "Corpus cum Causa" against his allegedly unlawful imprisonment in the town gaol by the mayor of Marlborough, John Marmyun.  It was apparently over a dispute over a set of “cuppes” of John Hynde, valued at £20, with £10 costs claimed.  Mychell was imprisoned for 11 nights “in full grete duress” with no access to “frende nor counsel”.  Mychell’s plea was  rejected by the Court  who found in Hynde's favour.  Mychell's widow, Alice, is recorded as the next lesseein 1476 together with a Robert Denger.  More research is needed to find out when John Mychell died and who Robert Denger might have been.

[It is interesting to note that one of the Canons at Windsor at this time was a William Mychell.  The lessees paid a mixture of cash and goods to the Dean and Canons, whilst undertaking responsibility for the upkeep and repair of the chancel.

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