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These books have been transferred to the Merchant's House Library, Marlborough.  
Please see their website   You can e-mail the library direct

Wiltshire 100 Years Ago

David Buxton

Alan Sutton 1992

Baptisms & Burials 1538 - 1837


Wiltshire Family History Society

The Amateur Archaeologist

Stephen Wass

Batsford 1992

The Marlborough Downs:
A later bronze age landscape & its origins

Christopher Gingell

WANHS monograph 1992

Marlborough and Preshute

Janet H Stevenson

Victoria History of Wiltshire vol XII
reprint 1990

Wiltshire within living memory

Margaret Elwin (coordinator)

Wilts Federation of WI 1993

The Wiltshire Village Book

Mike Marshman

Countryside Books 1987

The Village (how to explore)

G.H. Shillito

ESA 1959

Knight of the Turf  (Gordon Richards)

Michael Seth-Smith

Hodder & Stoughton 1980

England's 1000 Best Houses

Simon Jenkins

Allen Lane 2003

Explore Ancient Wiltshire

George Osborne

Dorset Publishing Co 1982

The Cable

Gillian Cookson

Tempus 2003

Round About Wiltshire

A.G. Bradley

Methuen 1943

Curtain Call for the Guv'nor
(biography of George Edwardes)

Ursula Bloom

Hutchinson 1954

Lost Gods of Albion

Paul Newman

Sutton Publishing 1997


Kenneth Watts

Wiltshire County Council 1989

Farmer's Boy

Benjamin Spreadbury

Wiltshire Life Society 1992

Just for a Lark

R H Wilson

private? 1970

In a Wiltshire Valley

Mrs Haughton

Provost & Co 1879 (Marcher reprint)

Wiltshire Lives


St Edmunds Art Centre 1981


Gwen Ellis

C H Woodward 1976

The Drovers

Shirley Toulson

Shire Publications

Hodge and his masters

Richard Jeffries
Vols 1 & 2

MacGibbon & Kee 1966

Rockley - A Wiltshire Village

Mary Roberts

self published

Shepherd Lore

Peter Gurney (C.S. Smith)

Wiltshire Folk Life Society 1980

Parish Churches of Wiltshire

Brian J. Woodruffe

Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust 2010

Savernake Hospital 1866 - 1966

T. K. Maurice

League of Friends of M'boro Hospital

Geophysical & Topographical Survey Report 2013

Tim Fletcher et al

Cranfield University Dept. of Forensic Archaeology (Shrivenham)

Printed Maps of Wiltshire 1787 - 1844

C. Greenwood (John Chandler ed)

Wiltshire Record Society Vol 52 1996

The Wiltshire Cotswolds

Ken Watts

Hobnob Press 2007

Wiltshire Archaeological and natural History
Society - The First 150 Years

James H. Thomas (ed)

WANHS Devizes 2003

Wiltshire Glebe Terriers 1588 - 1827

Steven Hobbs (ed)

Wiltshire Record Society vol 56    2003

Figures in a Wiltshire Scene

Ken Watts

Hobnob Press 2002

Victuallers' Licences

Jeremy Gibson & Judith Hunter

Federation of Family History Societies 1994

The Illustrated Shepherd's Life

W. H. Hudson

Guild Publishing 1987
(original Methuen 1910)

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